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What is DentRemoval™ by MrCAP?

DentRemoval™ is a Paint free Dent Repair (PDR). This method allows to various dents in the body of your car with no filler, priming, polishing, and painting operations necessary. This dent repair method preserves the original paintwork and saves you precious time as well as your money. 

Shall I go for it?

Yes of course! Here are the reasons:
* Preservation of original and undamaged paintwork;
* Cheaper than any of conventional methods involving painting;
* No risk of having to paint other panels to get the same color;
* No risk of selecting the wrong color;
* Done in couple of hours, one day at most; you won't have to leave your car in the workshop for long;
* We can even repair your car at any suitable location of your choice;
* Your car will look pristine and well cared.

How much does Paint free Dent Repair cost?

The price for the dent repair depends on the number of panels (like bonnet, door, fender) you’d like to be repaired. There can be up to five dents on one panel for it to be considered as one. If there are more dents or there’s a massive damage, the price is agreed with the customer before the work starts. 

How long will the repair take?

Usually the repair will be completed within a day. Most minor dents can be repaired within an hour. Larger dents may take up to four or five hours. It usually takes two days to repair a car damaged by hail. We will need to examine the dent to estimate the time required for repairs.

How do you do it?

We use special tools for this type of dent repair. With these tools we carefully "massage" the sheet from the inside and straighten it back into its original form. This dent repair method requires precision work and special skills. Access to the dent can vary greatly: door dents can be accessed through the cavity of a rolled-down window or other existing cavities in the frame. Fender dents can be accessed through the wheel arch guard clearance or a lamp mounting hole (you will need to remove the lamp, of course). Roof dents can be accessed after removing the lining. In some cases, door or other linings must be removed as well.
We repair dents in steel and aluminium surfaces.
Do you use heating, cooling, magnets, or vacuums while repairing dents?

A lot of our clients tend to ask this question, so it’s easier for us to nod along - just to save time. We may use heating for defrosting in cold weather or for the application of hot glue. A vacuum is used only to fix the scanner lamp to the surface of the car body.

The “magnet” thing

Oh come on, how large do you think a magnet shall be to straighten a dent? Just watch at this funny video to learn everything about “dent repair with magnets”.
The truth is, none of the above stated methods is related to dent repair – the dents never straighten by their own.

Which dents can be repaired without painting?

Paint free Dent Repair is successful for most minor dents caused by:
* Careless opening of an adjacent car door in a tight space of a car park;
* Hail damage to the roof, bonnet, or rear door;
* Minor collisions with another vehicle;
* Other cases when the paintwork is not damaged.

What dents cannot be repaired without painting?

Usually (but not always), the following dents cannot be fully repaired without a trace of the damage:
* Sharp and deep dents where the metal sheet is overstressed;
* Dents in old vehicles (15 years and older): since their paintwork and varnish have already lost elasticity, the quality of repair will not be acceptable, so we do not provide it;
* Dents in double sheet-reinforced locations e.g. door angles, bonnet or rear-door edges;
* Other cases with damaged paintwork (cracked or removed).


The exact price can be named only after our technicians inspect the dent.
For this please contact our DentRemoval™ mobile department directly 800-3464 or any of our branches.